Glyph IDE

DEVELOPMENT • ZEXSOFT ide, extensible, lightweight, development, programming

Glyph is an ultra-lightweight & extensible IDE built around Scintilla.

Pre-configured and extensively geared for competitive programming.

Glyph IDE
Glyph IDE

Project & multi-file workflow
Clean & light design
Fully portable
Theme support
Syntax highlighting (only C/C++ for now)
Code folding, auto-complete
Build / Run / Debug workflow
Lua extension support

Tested and used at national and international level in the highest level contests such as info(1)cup and ONI.

Featured extensions on GitHub.

Glyph IDE

Get Glyph now through or soon through INDY.

Additional info

Rating • 5.0 / 5 (1) • INDY Choice 2022
 'Couldn't use anything else for competitive. Speed and tailor is unparalleled. ' - Serban Pirvulescu
Published • April 22, 2022
Developer • Zexsoft
Inputs • Keyboard & mouse
Type • Integrated Development Environment
Platform • Windows