Project Marble

STRATEGY • ZEXSOFT 2d, boardgame, casual, chess, multiplayer, marble, turnbased, strategy

Discover a new kind of strategy in Project Marble, a board game similar to chess that flips the concept on its head. Link your marbles to control yours and your opponent's at the same time.

Project Marble Match
Project Marble Win

Original soundtrack
Unique strategy & mechanics
Local multiplayer & singleplayer
Top 4 percent in GMTK Jam 2021

Project Marble is a turn-based, strategic board game in which your aim is to eliminate your opponent's marbles by moving them outside of the board. Link marbles together in strategic ways to outsmart the CPU or your friends with local multiplayer and soon even online through the Marble League.

Project Marble League

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Additional info

Rating • 4.0 / 5 (23)
 'A board strategy game about linked marbles. Grab a friend (locally), because you can play it with them! ' - EzBorza
Recommended • Integrated Graphics
Published • June 13, 2021
Developer • Zexsoft
Inputs • Keyboard & mouse, Touch
Genre • Strategy
Platform • Windows